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New Normal Competencies (Series): Creativity and Innovation

Prepared by: Maria Liz V. Fresnido | June 4, 2020


Imagine yourselves living during the stone age. Substitute your favorite pair of shoes with walking barefoot, the place you’re living now with tents made up of animal hides[1] or caves, your favorite food with simple hunted wild animals. Imagine yourselves walking from place to place just to find food, not taking a bath for months, hunting wild animals, and wearing nothing but animal hides. Most of us can’t even fathom that particular way of living as we already got dependent on the comforts of modern technology. Thankfully, most humans nowadays won’t have to resort to cavemen practices all thanks to the creativity and innovation that started with our ancestors down to the great men and women who shaped our elite way of living. It is from our ancestors’ creativity and innovation that fire was discovered which gradually led to a domesticated way of living and into a modernized lifestyle which we are already accustomed to.  Likewise, the presence of these two in humans help pave the way to humanity’s survival all throughout the centuries.

Now that we find ourselves in another predicament that is already greatly affecting our lives, we have to be creative and innovative with what we have at the moment in order to come out of the Covid19 situation barely unscathed. Creativity not only refers to how an artist creates but rather, it is defined as something that generates a new idea. Creativity is ever-present in every aspect of innovation, invention, and even just thinking. It works hand in hand with being innovative when tackling problems, answering questions, and creating anything.

To incorporate creativity and being innovative in not only your businesses, but your daily lives as well, one should identify the problems that are threatening these. Two heads are always better than one, so it is important to brainstorm with other relevant people in order for you to generate and conceptualize ideas faster. Consider everyone’s opinion and ideas and constructively criticize one another in order to be productive.

With creativity and innovation, one should be willing to think outside the box and color outside the lines in order to create the best solution for and impending problem. As it is stated in the previous articles, it is important to be curious and to get used to continuous learning in order to stay ahead of the game. Incorporate what you have gauged from the current situation of the world to your strategies, plans, and ideas.


[1] They had several ways of building shelters for themselves, such as stretching animal hides over bone, building rough wooden lean-tos or creating earthen mounds. When they came across a cave suitable for shelter, they used it.