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New Normal Competencies (Series): Digital and Coding Skills

Prepared by: Maria Liz V. Fresnido | July 25, 2020

Among the thousands of languages being spoken across the globe, one particularly new language remains universal; coding. Although coding is a much more complicated and structured process, in the end, it is a language that serves as a mode of communication between parties. In this case, coding allows humans to communicate with modern entities such as computers, its programs and applications, machines and every piece of technology one can possibly own.

It is a language for solving problems and making our lives much easier than it should be.


As most businesses and organizations shift into technology more, digital and coding skills in an employee are more in demand. Most people would think that these two skills are only required for people in the technological industry. However, living in a digital era forms technological demands in almost every industry, especially when one desires to stay one step ahead from competitors. To name a few, coding makes it more simple and easier to “Accomplish tedious, time-consuming tasks which would have otherwise taken us ages to manually fulfill. Scripts can help us analyze huge amounts of data (i.e. big data), scrape websites for contacts, set up cloud networking architecture, repeat long manual processes, verify the completeness of data, forms and procedures, generate and submit reports, generate, fulfill and track orders, manage projects, automate customer service, quality control…” (Danova, 2017).

Aside from coding itself, being digitally-versed in using technologies that allow us to keep working from home, hold virtual meetings, manage our teams remotely, hold and attend virtual conferences and market our companies digitally are essential skills due to physical distancing guidelines. According to Forbes.com total internet hits have surged by between 50% and 70%, while streaming has also jumped by at least 12% in 2020.

The more people depend on technology, the more important digital and coding skills are. “According to this census, there are roughly 23 million coders in the world; with a prediction of 28 million within the coming 5 years. 7 million coding jobs were listed in 2015, a number that was only on the rise. Additionally, these programming jobs are growing at a rate of 12% faster than the market.” (Mahoney, 2019)

Acquiring and honing these skills will benefit your business, your income or salary, and your time. Coding makes remote working possible, which is definitely what should be practiced as we are in the middle of a global pandemic.